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the dark tower

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[01 Apr 2007|08:15am]

Kind of Battlestar Galactica spoilerCollapse )

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Hello [28 Mar 2007|11:21am]

I want to say good day here too, just joined the community, am a rabid King fan and esp DT. fan, Wizard and Glass being my favorite. What else; I'm from Hungary, study at university, English-Japanese. I think thats it for now.
Top of the day to you.

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AT LONG LAST!!! [31 Jan 2007|02:24am]

[ mood | sleepy and cold and excited ]

[from the StephenKing.com Newsletter]

Dark Tower Launches at Midnight, February 7th
Be the first to get Stephen King's The Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born #1 at these participating stores

To celebrate the launch of the ground-breaking new comic book series adapted from Stephen King's magnum opus, The Dark Tower, Marvel Comics will offer a first-ever midnight release of The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born #1 the night of Tuesday, February 6, 2007. Nearly 150 retailers across the United States will open at midnight on Tuesday (effectively 12:01 a.m. Wednesday, February 7, 2007) so Stephen King fans can get their hands on the debut issue of this historic comic.

Want to know how close you are to any of the nearly 150 stores who've signed up to participate in the midnight launch of Stephen King's Dark Tower The Gunslinger Born #1? Check out the full list here, organized by state and store name. Also visit Marvel's Dark Tower site for all things related to the Gunslinger!

The English version of The Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born #1 are available to retailers around the world, but the retailer must have already ordered copies. If your local comic book dealer hasn't ordered it, your best bet may be to search out U.S. retailers that ship internationally.

The foreign translated version deals are being worked through now and when we have more information we will let you know in which languages and territories they will available.

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Sale Date Set for The Dark Tower Comic [01 Nov 2006|09:49am]

[ mood | amused ]

The latest news from Marvel is that the first issue of The Dark Tower comics will be on-sale on February 7, 2007.

The Dark Tower Sketchbook, featuring character designs, penciled pages, commentary, and a primer on the world of the Dark Tower, will be available free at your local Marvel retailer on December 13, 2006.

For more information about the sketchbook, please Click Here


[25 May 2006|05:38pm]

my cat, neoka.
reminds me of oy sometimes :D
Read more...Collapse )

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tower tats? [11 Feb 2006|12:24am]

i'm taking my husband to a tattoo shop on valentine's day, and i'm debating on getting some new ink myself. i currently have the "unfound" symbol across my shoulders, and i'm thinking of getting the little eld symbol behind each ear. i really like the idea, but i'd love to have some feedback from people who love the series... what say you?


x-posted a smidge.

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A Christmas present for a friend [30 Jan 2006|10:24am]

[ mood | silly ]

See the turtle....Collapse )

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[12 Jan 2006|12:21am]

hey guys
my friend christopher and i are in a band, a lot of the songs we play are inspired by the dark tower. our full length cd that is coming out in june consists of tracks that are titled with prime numbers, the sum of which add up to 199 (1+9+9=19)

we are called hundred year hex, and you can hear us at http://www.myspace.com/hundredyearhex

happy reading all!

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....and that's all I have to say about that..... [11 Jan 2006|07:06pm]

[ mood | geeky ]




E-mail from Cemeterydance.com RE: SK's newest book [13 Dec 2005|08:13am]

[ mood | excited ]

Hi Folks!

After a great many discussions about the best way to announce The Secretary of Dreams by Stephen King, we've decided to let everyone know right now WHEN and WHERE the announcement will be made!

If your schedule won't allow you to be in a position to place an order at the time of the announcement, now you can plan ahead and have a friend or family member place an order for you.

So, without further delay, we cordially invite you to join us for the official announcement of The Secretary of Dreams by Stephen King!

WHEN: Wednesday, December 14, 2005 (late morning / early afternoon)

WHERE: The front page of the official Cemetery Dance website, http://www.cemeterydance.com

If you're interested in this new Stephen King book, please make sure you're watching the front page of the website on Wednesday for the big update!


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